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Every day we are setting up Trust account for our client’s asset and maintaining their accounts, that is a given but we don’t charge for this service because we participate in the additional funds we generate for you using your assets under a Trustee Agreement.  This way our success pays our fees not you.  Our Trustee Agreement allows us, with your approval to place Trust Receipts representing your assets into low risk financial transactions which generate additional profits for you on your assets.  Over the past thirteen years we have place billions of dollars worth of Trust Receipts with a loss ratio of less then one tenth of one percent and we are working on ways to reduce the loss ration amount to zero while expanding our financial usage of the Trust Receipt.  It is our approach that your assets should work for you and not just sit in an account collecting just dividends and market values.

In addition to Trust Receipts, we also create Endowments for our clients where the principle is protected from risk while the Endowment generates working capital for our client’s projects.  Clients who are interested in working with or funding Endowments please contact us so we can go over our program and adjust it to fit your needs.

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