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Prime Global Trust offers trust services world wide and thru its global network via Prime Gate Cities can offer local solutions to your trust needs.


We take your trust needs and create your trust product.  We do not fit you into a product that doesn’t work for you or has items you don’t need.  We believe that one size does not fit all.  Give us a call and let us go to work for you on your trust.


Listening is the key to a good design.  We begin by listening to your trust needs, then we provide you with a clear understanding of what you have told us.  Then and only then can the design process begin, because if we don’t have a clear understanding of what your trust needs are we can not design the product to fit your needs.  And getting it right the first time is priority one.

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Most Trust services offered included setting up and maintaining a Trust account for your assets where a fee is charged to do so.  That’s the standard approach and does very little for your bottom line.  Our approach is to work with you and your assets such that your assets generate funds above their market and dividend values.  We do this by setting up a Trustee Agreement with you and use Trust Receipts to generate cash.


Endowments is a product offer by Prime Global Trust to its clients such that the principle is used to generate working capital for projects.  The projects can be humanitarian, environmental, real estate, client driven and business development to name a few.  This approach allows for the preservation of capital while creating substance and growth.  Let Prime Global Trust create an Endowment for you and your needs.


Prime Global Trust has been developing trust solutions for clients going 30 years.  Our staff is well adverse in understanding your trust needs.  Please give us a call so that we may understand your trust needs and create a trust solution that fit your needs.

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Prime Global Trust met every requirement that our company have for our trust product.

Joan MIller Developer@yahoo.com

Prime Global Trust’s Endowment and Trust Receipt products help us achieve our goals.

John Smith CEO@google.com

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A dedicated team of financial business professionals looking to join the world together financially in support of humanitarian efforts making third world countries become first world countries by growing their economies thru the interaction of individuals and companies.

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Prime Global Trust provides Trust Services to clients around the world via Prime Gate Cities such that our clients tell us their needs and we create opportunities for their assets using Prime Global Trust's Trust Receipts. We do this across cities, countries and regions of the world. Clients in India can be working with opportunities in Europe, Africa, South America or in another India city. So no matter where our client lives and works they can place their assets into opportunities locally or around the world.

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Please visit us at our Portland offices at One World Trade Center so that we can discuss your Trust needs face to face.  Keith will buy you fist cup of coffee. Look forward to seeing you there.  You can always contact us via skype and email.  Have a great day.

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Every day we are setting up Trust account for our client’s asset and maintaining their accounts, that is a given but we don’t charge for this service because we participate in the additional funds we generate for you using your assets under a Trustee Agreement.  This way our success pays our fees not you.  Our […]

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